Online Courses More than 300 lessons ranging from 3 to 12 minutes covering Sales, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Email for business, and much more.
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Innovative method of teaching

Microlearning is the most effective way of training professionals in the digital era. It no longer has to do with just what you learn but how and when you learn it.

Maximize your budget and making your training scalable

Micro learning costs 50%-70% less and requires 300% less time to set up. Maximize your budget!

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Who is recommending us?

86% of our trainees evaluate our course offerings with excellence, effectiveness, and ease of learning.


Access from any device

Do you want to use your computer, cell phone, or tablet to learn? You can! As such, you can easily fit in time to learn between your everyday activities.

Concentrate on your business

Tyngu has the answer to the challenge that businesses face of how and when staff best learn. This way, businesses can concentrate on what they know best: Business!

Enriching and up-to-date content

With an easy-to-follow tone, dynamic content, and being applicable to your business, lessons show detailed animations and give tips of how to organize oneself by showing what and what not to do to have success in a digital environment.

Real life examples

So that you put in practice what you learn, we use real life examples and stories so you can visualize yourself in the given situation. You will even better compliment your knowledge with tips from Digital Marketing specialists, successful business leaders, and entrepreneurs.



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