About Tyngu

Tyngu is an online education company that was born in New York, USA and arrived to Brazil in 2015 with an innovative and accessible learning model or better known as microlearning. Our courses are aimed at different audiences such as independent professionals, sales teams, entrepreneurs, and companies of large size.

Why we exist?

Because we want to generate a positive and sustainable impact in the lives of people and companies with the use of microlearning. We believe that traditional training is not designed to serve the way in which we live and work in today’s time. The day-to-day dynamic has changed, and Tyngu understands this.

Aside from this, the world has also changed in respect to consumer behavior. It no longer works to wait for your customer to spontaneously go to your business, pick up their phone, or open correspondence that you have sent. So, if you continue to operate in the traditional format with your marketing and sales, you run the risk of seeing your client base shrink and your results stagnate.

It is an absolute must to dominate the Digital Marketing techniques and firmly grasp how to use Social Media and the digital environment to your advantage in your business. Today, customers pass a large part of their day on social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, etc. And you, as well, need to be there!

We help…

…companies to train in a scalable way, taking instruction for much more people en less time and with much less cost

…big companies to prepare their sales teams to use the Digital World as an ally in each of step of the sales process.

…new and established entrepreneurs sell more by obtaining the client that today passes the majority of his/her day on Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

…people who work in sales and need to learn new techniques to attract the thousands of consumers that are on the internet.