Our Approach

Our training programs are created to generate a positive impact on your business.
We teach using small learning segments.

We are firm believers of microlearning, which is a learning strategy known for quickly closing knowledge gaps and generating results in a short time. Our short-term memory registers, in general, 7 items of information at a time, or in other words, our brain forgets a lot of information rather quickly. Our methodology helps in the reinforcement and memorization of the learning material.

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Learning with Tyngu is easy. We teach in your language and culture, and you learn in the way that best suits you. We believe that traditional training is not designed to serve the way in which we live and work in today’s time. The day-to-day dynamic has changed, and Tyngu understands this.

Be Interactive

Watch interviews with specialists

Check out tips from specialists and see how entrepreneurs and business leaders from a variety of industries are using digital marketing tools in order to grow their market. Among the available interviews, there is entrepreneur, Gabriela Cavalcanti, owner of Acessórios G. Cavalcanti; Eduardo Casarini, CEO and Co-founder of Flores Online; and Cris Rother, digital specialist with more than 18 years of experience in e-Commerce having worked in companies like Walmart, Globo.com, Buscapé, and Ibope Media. In addition, we have Chad Carns, owner and founder of Carns Media (video), a digital agency that creates Social Media strategies for restaurants and bars in New York.

Earn certificates

Prove your ever-growing knowledge with a certificate. At the end of each learning program, the final exam will give you the chance to earn a certificate of participation if you earn at least an 80 out of 100 possible points.

Answer quizzes

In order to reinforce your learning, at the end of each lesson, you must take a quiz.

Collect badges

Earn badges as you advance through the training by successfully finishing programs, courses, and quizzes.

Personalize your profile

Add your personal touch to your study environment: upload a profile picture, follow your learning patch progress, and control your account and the details of your subscription.

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